UE4 Goodness: Slate Widget Reflector

I continue the series of tutorials dedicated to UE4 Slate UI Framework. In the previous post, I talked about a basic slate widget example. Now I want to show you how UE4 Slate widget reflector works (official documentation is here). It is a very useful and helpful tool that you are going to use a lot if you work with Slate.

Let’s say you want to see how an item in the World Outliner is implemented. Without the widget reflector, you are going to waste a ton of time searching for the exact location within the CPP code. But with the reflector, it is a matter of a minute.

  1. Slate Widget Example
  2. Slate Widget Reflector

First, open the reflector: Window -> Developer Tools -> Debug Tools -> Test Suite. It will pop up a bunch of windows. One of them is the widget reflector. Next, in the widget reflector window click on Pick Hit-Testable Widgets:

Slate Widget Reflector

Then, you just click anywhere in the Editor. Now click on a label in the World Outliner and then press Esc. This will freeze a widget hierarchy in the reflector. Go to the deepest child and press on the source link: SceneOutlinerItemLabelColumn.cpp:450.

Good! Now you may copy-paste the code into your project 😉

I uploaded a video of the whole process for a better understanding:

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