About me

Hello, this is Superyateam speaking! My real name is Dmitriy but since we are online I prefer Superyateam. This is also my nickname in all the social networks.

A few years ago I started playing with UE4 in my free time and was hooked by this new world of game making.

I study a lot. I finished a Blender course and Unreal Engine 4 course from Ben Tristem and another Unreal Engine 4 C++ course from Tom Looman. I constantly learn new things. That’s why I decided to start a blog where I could share my findings and solutions to problems I face. I also post here updates to my projects and other things I find interesting to write a post about.

Superyateam in real life
Somewhere in Marin Headlands

I used to be an enterprise java developer for about 15 years. So, although, I don’t have much experience in game development I surely know how commercial software is made. I try to employ my knowledge and more important my experience in solving typical game development tasks.

I have accounts in most social networks, but I post regularly only on twitter: superyateam. Follow me – you will get useful UE4 tips, progress screenshots, videos and everything which might be interesting for a game developer.