My Projects

Here is the list of projects I finished or at least worked on for some time. No particular order. Though, I might have put the most important first.

Good Robot Run

This is the game I am currently working on. It started from this prototype:

I thought that the prototype is quite boring and bland and decided to move on. So I abandoned the project.

But a while ago I returned to it and made a bunch more prototypes and I liked what I’ve done and thought that I want to make a real game out of this idea.

I post updates on this project under Good Robot Game category.

Amazin Escape

In December 2019 I released my first game: Amazin Escape. It started as an experiment – I wanted to know how hard it is to create an animation in Blender and make it work in Unreal Engine 4. Turned out that it’s not difficult for simple characters. So an experiment became a fun prototype. My friends gave it good feedback and I decided to finish the game. It took about 3 months to complete.

Here, watch the trailer:

And here you can download the game:


This one is an old project which I started working on back in 2015. The game was supposed to be a “spiritual successor” of an old FPS+RTS game Battlezone. I played it a lot when I was a kid.

I spent significant time implementing just basic things which later I would have done differently and much quicker. After a year and a half of development I realized that it is an almost impossible task to implement such a game single-handedly with the skills I had at that moment:

The last video with the project status.

Recently I returned to the project and made a short cinematic scene. I wanted to see how my UE4 skills improved. I think I did great. Finally, the Moon looks like the Moon:

Other work

Then, there was another small project: a video clip based on my childhood memories. I found ‘A boy with a kite’ assets very useful and compiled a scene with them. No C++ development here (and no Blueprints too):