How to use ProceduralMeshComponent in UE4

ProceduralMeshComponent in UE4
Procedural Meshes in UE4

Recently for my work, I had to build a custom mesh using ProceduralMeshComponent in UE4. The last time I worked with it a long time ago, so I decided to google some tutorials. To my surprise, there weren’t many: no documentation from Epics and an old tutorial from UE4 wiki: It has a quite complicated solution involving the use of an unnecessary CreateSceneProxy method. I needed to create a simple plane, so the solution from the tutorial seemed to be overkill for me. I went a fairly easy way where I create a mesh in a single method in one go. If you just want to quickly find out how to build procedural mesh, this article may be useful for you.

For starters, create an empty C++ UE4 project. From there create a C++ class called AProcMesh which extends AActor. Define necessary fields: Read More