Binding delegates in UE4

delegates in UE4
Delegates… all of them!

Previously I wrote about delegates in UE4. Today I want to elaborate on this topic and tell you how to bind to delegates. We’ll mostly focus on C++ side but it’s not going to be very difficult so bear with me.

Static Delegates

Binding a function to a delegate is basically adding a listener to an event dispatcher. Simple delegates allow adding only one listener, multicast – many. There is also a distinction between static and dynamic delegates. I will start with static. Read More

Difference between delegates in UE4

Using delegates in UE4 blueprints
Binding to delegates in a blueprint

If you have been developing in UE4 for some time you have probably stumbled into delegates.

What is a delegate? Delegates in two words are a UE4 implementation of the famous Observer template pattern. It allows code clients (or observers) to subscribe to some events. A dispatcher does not even know that something is listening to it. It just broadcasts events. This is a very powerful pattern – it makes your code less coupled. Read More