Binding delegates in UE4

delegates in UE4
Delegates… all of them!

Previously I wrote about delegates in UE4. Today I want to elaborate on this topic and tell you how to bind to delegates. We’ll mostly focus on C++ side but it’s not going to be very difficult so bear with me.

Static Delegates

Binding a function to a delegate is basically adding a listener to an event dispatcher. Simple delegates allow adding only one listener, multicast – many. There is also a distinction between static and dynamic delegates. I will start with static. Read More

Difference between delegates in UE4

Using delegates in UE4 blueprints
Binding to delegates in a blueprint

If you have been developing in UE4 for some time you have probably stumbled into delegates.

What is a delegate? Delegates in two words are a UE4 implementation of the famous Observer template pattern. It allows code clients (or observers) to subscribe to some events. A dispatcher does not even know that something is listening to it. It just broadcasts events. This is a very powerful pattern – it makes your code less coupled. Read More

UE4 Goodness: Slate Widget Reflector

Slate Widget Reflector

I continue the series of tutorials dedicated to UE4 Slate UI Framework. In the previous post, I talked about a basic slate widget example. Now I want to show you how UE4 Slate widget reflector works (official documentation is here). It is a very useful and helpful tool that you are going to use a lot if you work with Slate.

Let’s say you want to see how an item in the World Outliner is implemented. Without the widget reflector, you are going to waste a ton of time searching for the exact location within the CPP code. But with the reflector, it is a matter of a minute. Read More

UE4 Slate Widget Example

UE4 Slate Example markup
Slate UI markup

I am starting a series of posts dedicated to UE4 Slate UI Framework. There will be tutorials, examples and quick how-tos. Everything to cover a lack of documentation on the topic from Epics. I’ll start with a simple example of a basic UE4 Slate widget where you select a value from a dropdown, enter a text and press an action button.

To start, create a C++ project. Create a subclass of UWidget: UGreetingsWidget. This will be a wrapper for our Slate widget: Read More

How to use ProceduralMeshComponent in UE4

ProceduralMeshComponent in UE4
Procedural Meshes in UE4

Recently for my work, I had to build a custom mesh using ProceduralMeshComponent in UE4. The last time I worked with it a long time ago, so I decided to google some tutorials. To my surprise, there weren’t many: no documentation from Epics and an old tutorial from UE4 wiki: It has a quite complicated solution involving the use of an unnecessary CreateSceneProxy method. I needed to create a simple plane, so the solution from the tutorial seemed to be overkill for me. I went a fairly easy way where I create a mesh in a single method in one go. If you just want to quickly find out how to build procedural mesh, this article may be useful for you.

For starters, create an empty C++ UE4 project. From there create a C++ class called AProcMesh which extends AActor. Define necessary fields: Read More