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1. Introduction

Hello, this is Superyateam speaking. My real name is Dmitriy Kukharev, but since we are online I prefer a nickname that I use in social networks and in games.

Dmitriy Kukharev

5 years ago was the first time I tried Unreal Engine 4. This was my first game development experience and I got immediately hooked by this new world of game making.

I used all my spare time to create scenes in UE4, program physics algorithms, implement AI for bots. And at some point, I decided to quit my day job and follow my dream of becoming a game developer. I have learned a ton since then. I made a lot of prototypes and released a game. And I also started this blog where I share my experience and write about the problems I faced and successfully solved! Read more about me.

2. The Blog

I write once or twice a month. I do not want to spam my readers with trivial stuff they can find in the official documentation. If there is something helpful but not deserving a whole article I just post it on my twitter. But if there is something which took a lot of time to figure out – then it is certainly a good material for a post. Check out the most interesting posts in my blog.

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3. My Projects

Last year I released a game Amazin Escape and published it on and gamejolt. Other projects did not become games but they still are something I am proud of. When I finish a project, I draw a line under it. It can be an article on Reddit or a video on youtube. Have a look at my projects.

4. Professional help

Not everyone is a programmer. Some draw, other 3D-model and animate. But we, gamedev crowd, all want to make games. I hire freelance artists to make concept art for me or create cool animations for my characters. And I am too available for hire. If you are in need of a C++/Blueprint programmer, contact me and we’ll discuss your problems and what is most important – your goals.